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Dennis, these videos are amazing!! We relived the day all over again, thank you so so much!!  Amy Bowers 1-17-17

Reviewed On 10/07/2014 Ashley D

Dennis had some issues returning my calls so we could confirm everything leading up to the wedding. They do not provide contracts.. which is a bit scary. And due to this.. resulted in me not getting what I was told I would get. I was told in our meeting.. that they provided two camera men. we got one. I would have settled for two Cameras. There was a funny scene during our wedding..that was not captured because of the one camera. which to me is very disappointing especially since everyone talked about how cute it was. Even the Alter Servers loved it. And being the Bride.. I didn't get to see it happen.. and was hoping for the video to witness it. that being said.. i recieved the finished product as quickly as promised. The video was amazing. and the price is very reasonable especially when compared with all the other videographers in the area Reviewed On 10/07/2014 Ashley D

 Dennis! We just finished watching our video of our amazing evening and it was just beautiful! We thank you so very much for capturing our day as you did. The guest wishes was so cool! You captured things we did not notice and moments of what our guests enjoyed and funny moments and loving moments and so many others! Your song selections were perfect and everything flowed so nicely.  Our memories are now held in a memento we can share for the rest of our forever. Thank you thank you thank you!

Loved having them as my photographer and videographer. they did an AMAZING job!!                                                                                   Alyssa  Gutierrez Alayon

Joel & Tabitha are so happy with the video - we watched most of it with them last night and it was wonderful to see them enjoy their special day all over again! They were thrilled to see and hear parts of the day that they remembered; and also excited and surprised to see some of the happenings on that day that they were now able to see for the first time! I have already recommended your work to 2 friends who have upcoming weddings - You and your daughter provide a great service for a reasonable price! We are all very pleased! Thank you!! Kathy
Jessica on 9/5/2011 6:08   Our wedding was in September 2010 and I just ordered a few pics in the metallic print as a first year anniversary gift to my husband and they look amazing especially the 8x10 i picked out! the luster prints are good too, but with the choice id take metallic on all of them! Thank you!
They did our videography for our wedding and we were extremely happy with them! The videographer stayed throughout the entire ceremony and reception and all of our guests were impressed that although she took a lot of film she never got in the way and we hardly even noticed she was there. The video was great and they had it done a week after the wedding. So quick! They captured all of the moments we would have wanted them to get and also had amazing prices. I would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting videography at their wedding!!"
Had them for our wedding on 6-7-08 and they were AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! The pictuers were and gorgeous and the dvd's were also amazing I recommened them for your special occasion money WELL spent!!! Very decent priced for every you get!!!! =Thanks guys
SANDRA PERO on 3/6/2011 2:45 PMDennis and daughter Melanie did the photos and videography at both our daughters weddings in 2003 and 2009. They were highly profesional and delivered quality photos and videos. They were priced right and delivered fast! SANDY PERO CROWN POINT, IN
I was recommended to this company by a family member. It is a small family owned business. the price for their all inclusive package with all day photo and video coverage is UNBELIEVABLE. $1,500. You read that right! I had a large wedding and $ doesn't grow on a tree so I was trying to be as budget friendly as possible while still getting what I wanted. After looking at their website and viewing past weddings I was satisfied that they could provide me which the style of pictures I was looking for. I could not be happier with the way our photos and videos turned out. Dennis and Melanie were very professional and accommodated all our requests. The pictures were online next day to be viewed! They do not have a limit for hours. They were with me from 11am to 11:30pm. Couldn't ask for more! Thanks again Pro-Photo!!!!